Distributor’s Reward Points & Prizes

Table - 1

Days BV Referral Income Prizes Life Cover Loan
60 E+ 1,000/- N/A         N/A N/A
120 E++ 2,500/- Press/ hand Blender / Dinner set N/A N/A
180 D 7,500/- Induction/ Juicer Mixer / Fan / Cooker   N/A N/A
240 D+ 25,000/- Mobile / LED Monitor/ Music System N/A N/A
300 C 45,000/-  Laptop/ Washing Machine/ Refrizrator N/A N/A
360 C+ 1,20,000/-      Bike / Scooty       50,000/-Avail.
420 B 3,00,000/-    Foreign Tour       50,000/- Avail.
480 B+ 8,00,000/-       Car                          1,00,000/- Avail.
540 A 19,00,000/-   Creta / Scorpio / Ciaz       1,00,000/- Avail.
600 A+ 48,00,000/-  Fortuner / Flat    5,00,000/- Avail.
660 A++ 1,20,00,000/-  Audi + Flat            5,00,000/- Avail.
Total Income in Two Years
2,00,01,000 /-           

After two months of Completion of business value “A++”  Vasudhaiv kutumabkam Commercial Pvt. Ltd. Gives retirement with 2,00,0 1,000/- again

Grand Total of Income when a member Retire  : 4,00,02,000/-

Annual Royalty also will be provided By Vasudhaiv Kutumabkam Commercial Pvt. Ltd. Till 10 years. 

Distributor’s & Sub Distributors Product Selling Rewards Points

Table -2

BV Reward Points
E+ 400
E++ 320
D 200
D+ 120
C 80
C+ 40
B 20
B+ 12
A 8
A+ 4
A++ 2

Terms & Conditions:


1.    Each business value gives you the time of 60 days max to complete the business income goals.

2.       Flat 10 % - 15 % discount will be applicable on all products for distributors.

3.       Annual Royalty will be 20% of a member receives Total Income in 2 working years. 20% will be divided in 10 years and after it we pay 1/10 per year.

4.       The sign “/” indicates choose one prize as your choice or need.

5.       Prizes may be differ from shown pictures by company, color and model.

6.       If you choose any one prize, which is not available at that time than company will provide you diif or other prize.

7.       For prizes company will issue prize coupons which mean you can collect these prizes from you nearby distributors.

8.       Income tax will be payable by members on their income.

9.       Referal income & rewards point income will be count every week.

10.   Distributor’s Commission will be transferred after deduction of TDS, if required.

11.   Your commission will be directly deposited to your bank account so please fill carefully in registration form.

12.   If you provide any other persons account number for transaction than commission will be stopped till than u provide you own account to the company.

13.   Carriage charges, Road tax, Insurance fees, registration fees and other charges will be beared by member on prizes.

14.   Company has sole rights to change Any Scheme, prize, commission slab at any level at any time without personal notice to the members, all changes will be shown on website.

15.   Flat will be provided by the company on company’s terms & conditions. Flat cost will not be more than 30 lakhs.

16.   Rewards Points value will change time to time according to market value of products, govt. taxes.

17.   All rights reserved at Vasudhaiv Kutumabkam Commercial Pvt. Ltd.